Lighting and Irrigation

Lighting To help in enhancing the beauty of your landscape and to maintain its aesthetic qualities, Hollander Landscaping Limited also offers landscape lighting and irrigation services to suit your needs.

Irrigating your lawn regularly to keep it successfully lush and healthy is often a daunting task. Installation of an irrigation system beneath your lawn allows you to keep your lawn fresh and vibrant while giving you peace of mind in the convenience of easy to operate and programmable sprinkler programming. At Hollander Landscaping Ltd. we use only high quality systems, each customized to your individual needs.

The ambiance of your landscape is what makes your landscape stand out. Most often the perfect way to complement the exterior of your home is through the installation of landscape lighting. The right lighting gives your landscape and home perfect ambiance both day and night. We use high quality lighting that is diverse in its styles, enhancing your individual landscape and style preference.